On the very fringes of civilization in East Fa’Dar, Tosp is the little hamlet that serves as the launch platform for adventure into the Wilds.

Bordering said Wilds (which has things like evergreen trees and owlbears), most of the hustle and bustle of Tosp is simple trade: furs, herbs, and on occasion trinkets and relics. Frontiersmen hunt and gather and hawk their wares in Tosp’s market, where trading companies come from the civilized West to acquire pieces of the dangerous East.

Tosp is governed by its founder, Ulysses Dalton, a former mercenary and explorer. His right hand is the sheriff, who polices the marketplace to make sure no harm comes to the traders. Rodney the Bartender runs the local saloon, Rodney’s Tavern, where adventurers gather to relax after their frequent journeys into the forests.

Ultimately, Tosp is two distinct entities: an up-and-coming bazaar on the edge of adventure, and a resting place for old souls who want to escape the chains of civilization.

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