Ulysses Dalton

Mayor of Tosp


Once a member of the Sunshine Smile Mercs, a successful wilderness exploration campaign with an unfortunate ending led to Dalton and his trusted right hand man Remington Tosp founding a life to live on the fringes. Dalton died of infection, and as their final resting place became a full blown hamlet, Dalton named the settlement after his deceased friend.

Approaching fifty, Ulysses is the type of man to always be armed to the teeth, and carries a crossbow, longsword, and shield on him at all times. He also keeps his face armed with a full beard. If you were meet him on one of the dusty roads of Tosp, you’d probably see him in his chainmail-lined longcoat and a gait that says “I mean business”.

Dalton’s seen some shit, and the people of Tosp know that. His demeanor is gruff and uninviting. Underneath his scowling visage, ultimately he cares for the people of the village and always puts them first in politics, economics, and danger.

Ulysses Dalton

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